Theresa Elizabeth Photography | Magan + Stephen's Spring Engagement Session at Audubon Park in New Orleans

Magan + Stephen's Spring Engagement Session at Audubon Park in New Orleans

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Magan and stephen are so fun! they let their love take them on adventures and love exploring the unknown together. his favorite part of the engagement session was watching magan take in all of the excitement during our session. this guy is a sweetheart! he was up for anything magan wanted to do...the best kind of guy am i right?! magan said her favorite part of our session was how fun and comfortable it was...the amazing weather didn't hurt either.

My favorite part was getting to know them better as a couple and i am happy to report we completely vibed during our session. magan has one of the best laughs i've ever heard and they couldn't stop smiling at each other. photographing them was easy because they never let their natural giggles go and constantly wanted to hug on each other. we wandered on the golf course at audubon park and realized that their church was looming in the background so OF COURSE we had to stop. seeing them stare at the place where they will get married was surreal. they had a quiet moment and you could just tell it was that much more real for them. i just love them so and i am so elated to photograph their upcoming wedding 

the story:

magan and stephen first met at LSU UREC during intramural sports and had their first date at Ninfas. it was love at first sight and they never left each other since that first date.

stephen totally surprised magan with his proposal. he told her they were going to be hanging out with friends for the day. they started the day by grabbing a drink at Walk-Ons on burbank, then were heading to meet some friends downtown later that afternoon. When they left Walk-Ons he told her their friends wouldn't be there for a while (totally on purpose, they were hiding in the bushes to take guy!) so he asked if she wanted to walk on the levee. While on the levee, he proposed while they're friends got it all on camera. afterwards, they all headed to Little Village where everyone celebrated the engagement. super sweet story and i love that he was so thoughtful as to include photographs and video as well as an after party!

vendor listvendor list

 Up’sa Daisy by Lyndsay Lund Talley

 Up’sa Daisy by Suzette Stuprich

: Gianni Bini at Dillard’s

Steve Madden

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