Theresa Elizabeth Photography | Alyssa + Sean {New Orleans, LA Engagement Session}

Alyssa + Sean {New Orleans, LA Engagement Session}

February 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

alyssa and sean were a blast to work with! alyssa stumbled upon my business page through a Facebook fan group for lilly pulitzer. it is so refreshing to know that Facebook still actually works as a means to connect people. their proposal is quite amazing.

they are both from washington d.c. and decided to visit the big easy together, little did alyssa know he had plans to propose to her during that trip. it made complete sense that they travel back to new orleans to shoot their engagement pictures. we were able to schedule something while they were in town for sean's birthday weekend and i was so eager to meet them.

we met at the carousel bar in the hotel Monteleone and they were so warming and welcoming. after some casual style images over drinks, we headed out to the lively streets of the city. honestly, i pretty much followed them around without much direction. they were so into each other that i didn't have to say a thing! this first image is my favorite, this image depicts their love perfectly. every time they looked at each other, it was like they fell in love all over again. so many smiles and flirtatious giggles...i can't get enough!

these two are super adventurous and i wish them the best as they plan their 2017 wedding. i hope you come back to see me soon!

Alyssa + Sean 24_BLOGAlyssa + Sean 24_BLOG

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