Let's Taco Bout Kerrington's FOUResta!

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i cannot believe i am saying these words but ... my baby girl is four! it is so hard to realize just how quickly she is growing. with every year that passes comes 365 days of growth. she can now talk in complete sentences, sing songs, puzzle like a boss, recognize all of her letters, colors and numbers. she colors more inside the lines these days (although she still can't resist a good scribble...because who said you HAVE to stay in the lines?) and shocks me with how hard she loves. 

her spirit is caring and loving...i can't even take her to the grocery store without her making a new friend (young or old) and ending it with a hug. if you have seen us out and about...you know exactly what i am talking about. she can also be super feisty and defiant...so this age will be fun right?! Her daddy and I love her to pieces and can't wait to teach her a whole year full of new things.  

her favorite song right now is despacito, so that is what gave me the idea for her party theme. she loves to dance to it and mambo just like dora taught her so a fouresta fiesta was the perfect way to celebrate my little señorita. we had a great turnout despite the rain on and off and all of her friends had a blast! I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I should have but I was living it up too much to care! My girl played so hard she went to her room on her own for a little siesta after the fiesta. 

Cake: My Oh Mya in Thiboduax, LA 

Piñata: The Perfect Piñata on Etsy

Taco Bar Balloons: Paper Supply Station on Etsy

Backdrop: Amazon

    Kerris Fouresta 29Kerris Fouresta 29www.theresaelizabethphoto.com Kerris Fouresta 1Kerris Fouresta 1www.theresaelizabethphoto.com Kerris Fouresta 3Kerris Fouresta 3www.theresaelizabethphoto.com Kerris Fouresta 4Kerris Fouresta 4www.theresaelizabethphoto.com Kerris Fouresta 5Kerris Fouresta 5www.theresaelizabethphoto.com Kerris Fouresta 30Kerris Fouresta 30www.theresaelizabethphoto.com Kerris Fouresta 10Kerris Fouresta 10www.theresaelizabethphoto.com Kerris Fouresta 12Kerris Fouresta 12www.theresaelizabethphoto.com Kerris Fouresta 13Kerris Fouresta 13www.theresaelizabethphoto.com Kerris Fouresta 33Kerris Fouresta 33www.theresaelizabethphoto.com Kerris Fouresta 20Kerris Fouresta 20www.theresaelizabethphoto.com Kerris Fouresta 23Kerris Fouresta 23www.theresaelizabethphoto.com Kerris Fouresta 35Kerris Fouresta 35www.theresaelizabethphoto.com Kerris Fouresta 36Kerris Fouresta 36www.theresaelizabethphoto.com Kerris Fouresta 51Kerris Fouresta 51www.theresaelizabethphoto.com Kerris Fouresta 54Kerris Fouresta 54www.theresaelizabethphoto.com


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