Courtney + Jared {Warehouse District Engagement Session in New Orleans, LA}

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courtney + jared are an incredibly gorgeous couple that love a good adventure. they have been loving life together ever since high school and i was special enough to get to witness their engagement. jared popped the question at ralph's on the park in new orleans. i used my experience playing hide and seek to crouch behind a car and oak tree so courtney wouldn't spot me. just when i thought my legs were going to give out on me from said crouching, they came out onto the balcony. while they were overlooking the beautiful scenery, i saw him get down on one knee. i am not sure what was said, but i know she was excited as soon as i saw the tears through my camera. it was the sweetest moment ever! once she said yes, i headed up to them and snapped a few pictures of the crew that helped him pull it off. it really was such an amazing moment to witness! if you are curious to see the proposal photos, click here

their engagement session was full of epic moments, my favorite of them being the fun we had with all of the faux-sneaux in the city. we shot their session in the warehouse district of new orleans. we started at the piazza d'italia and pretty much just wandered around before finishing at fulton street. fulton street during christmas time is one of my favorite places to be. the fake snow, christmas music and all of the gorgeous trees are the epitome of christmas spirit.

they were so damn cute! every time i even thought about pulling back from my camera to guide them, they would do some insanely cute dance move or giggle nervously at each other and that was all i needed. 

you may want to know who is that cute little girl in the photos with them? that is their flower girl and courtney's niece/godchild lainee. she also happens to be one of my darling tiny clients that i adore so much. i cannot wait to see how she does at the wedding and i'm sure her dress is going to be fabulous! 

​i hope you all enjoy this little bit of christmas in february. courtney + jared, you are both so unconditionally loving and i cannot wait to document the start of your married life together.
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